Chocolat au lait et praline amandes.
Milk chocolate with almond praline. Can taste the crushed almonds. On the sweet side, but not as sweet as the Cailler Chocomel.


Cailler Chocomel (CH)

Chocolat au lait aux amandes et miel.
Milk chocolate with honey and fine ground almonds. The almonds are not too noticeable. The honey makes the chocolate quite sweet.

Extremely sweet, marzipan flavor tasted artificial, chocolate coating very thin, can barely taste the chocolate.

Cake au Kirsch (CH)

Made in house by the COOP, this is a 3 layer cake with Kirsch alcohol and cream layers. The cake is slightly dry, the almond flakes on the side are soggy, but the Kirsch alchohol saves the cake. Overall, this cake is okay.

Migros brand of fine white chocolate. I am not a fan of white chocolate, but this white chocolate bar was surprisingly good. It melted in the mouth smoothly and the smell and taste of white chocolate lasted in the mouth. It was a bit sweet, but then most white chocolate is sweeter than dark chocolate.

This Frey dark chocolate bar is on the sweet and course side and not very smooth. The dark chocolate flavor is not accentuated. Nothing special about this bar. Teh cremant is probably my least favorite Frey chocolate bar.

The consistency of this desert is similar very liquid chocolate pudding (you can probably drink it with a straw). The chocolate flavor is not strong, but steadfastly present. For a chocolate desert, the taste and feel is surprisingly light and refreshing.