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Chocoholic Bear

I want to know what kinds of chocolates they were.  We need to get this bear a Chocophoria login.

SoCal couple finds bear in their house eating chocolates from refrigerator

Associated Press
Posted: 06/28/2009 04:41:13 PM PDT

SAN ANTONIO HEIGHTS, Calif. — Deputies say a bear with an apparent sweet-tooth busted into a San Bernardino County home and gobbled up a box of chocolates from a couple’s refrigerator.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Tom Alsky says the couple arrived home Saturday afternoon, found the bear chowing down in their kitchen and phoned for help.

The bear had fled before sheriff’s deputies arrived.

Alsky says the animal appeared to have pushed aside vegetables in the couples’ fridge and gone straight for the two-pound box of sweets.

He says the bear also tried to open a bottle of champagne but was not successful.


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Just when you are enjoying the chocolate,

as a warning not to overdose on

Take a 0 calories chocolate tour instead 🙂






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Soft, creamy candies (more hazelnut than chocolate) individually wrapped in silver foil.  Cost: 24.95 Swiss francs for a 500g box.


Gianduja was my least favorite in this box.  The hazelnut flavor was weak and the chocolate was just OK – nothing special.


Piemontais was just slightly better.  The cocoa was not overly sweet, and it had small pieces of actual hazelnuts, which were not all that tasty.


Marquise was good.  Creamy hazelnut with small sweet crunchy bits, which seem to be… almonds?


Malakoff was good too.  I am liking these small, sweet crunchy bits!


Avelotte was even better!  Smooth, soft hazelnut cream.  Much more hazelnutty than Marquise, in a good way.


Buchette was great too!  I am really liking these sweet crunchy bits.  Great combination of flavors!


Mocca was my favorite.  Wow, can I get a box of just this?  The combination of flavors was perfectly balanced.   Tasting this took me right back to Switzerland.  Ahhh, such quality…


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Kinder Happy Hippo

This incredibly cute Hippo by Kinder is the best gift for everyone. The blend of milk chocolate, some white chocolate, and nuts all encased in a wafer is just perfect. Well received by both children and adults. As we always said, one hippo is not enough. You will need at least two.





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The fluffy center is fun, but the outer chocolate itself is a bit tame for my tastes.  This has a touch of hazelnut.  Cost: 4.40 CHF for a sale pack of two 100g bars at the Swiss department store chain, Manor.

image 121

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Blah. A tasteless waste of 6.30 Swiss francs for a 230g box at the Swiss discount chain, Denner.  Well, at least for the milk chocolate truffles.  The dark chocolate truffle shell was not bad, but its filling was rather pointless.


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The crunchy, bitter cacao bits pack a punch! Prepare to get buzzed.  For hardcore chocoholics only. Not suitable for those who like the sweet gentleness of milk chocolate.  Cost: 2.90 Swiss francs for a 100g bar at the ubiquitous Swiss Coop.


image 123

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