This bark is handcrafted by candy artisans and has pieces of pretzel in dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is very good, even according to my friend Katrin who has a high standard with all the Swiss chocolate she has eaten. The combination of salt from the pretzel and sweet from the chocolate gives this bark a unique and interesting taste, and the crunchiness of the pretzel adds a nice texture.


Compared to the USA M&M’s, the chocolate part of the ones manufactured in CH are a tad smoother (the chocolate in the USA M&M’s are a bit more course in comparison), just slightly less sweet, and has a stronger milk chocolate flavor. The candied shell and the peanuts are similar and the crunchiness and texture is almost identical to those made in the USA. The Swiss are very nationalistic, so this particular pack had red and white M&M’s. If some blue ones were added, this “Special Edition” pack can be marketed in the USA.

Very strong and good Kirsch liquid filling, but the milk chocolate is too sweet and not very good. The combination does give a nice
chocolate/alchohol taste as some other brands in this category. I like the Villars brand with dark chocolate better.

Swiss 60% dark chocolate with Cognac liquor filling.

The cognac liquid filling is intense and the alchool is strong. 

The dark chocolate does not quite match up to the filling, but is better than with milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate with Damson-Brandy liquid filling.

The liquor is strong and flavorful, but the dark chocolate is just average.

For alcoholic chocolates in general, I prefer the Villars brand to the Camille Bloch brand,

although there are plenty of other brands that are much better than both.

Bittersweet Swiss chocolate with Kirsch liquid filling. The alcohol is very strong. The Kirsch is overwhelming. The chocolate was a bit below average Swiss chocolate.

An assortment of shorbread-like cookies and wafer cookies, some with and some without chocolate. All the cookies were very nice, fresh, crisp, with just the right amount of sugar. The 1.75 CHF for 500g is a great price for the value.