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Milka Luflee (France)

Contains many small air bubbles in the chocolate giving it a different texture from the other Milka milk chocolates. The taste is very nice and the milk chocolate quality is very good.



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The dark chocolate contains 60% cacao but is not very good.
The nuts were surprisingly crunchy and fresh despite the
low quality chocolate.

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Does not taste like dark chocolate and does not taste like truffle.

The chocolate is very dry and the taste is very weak.

This chocolate does not taste as good as it looks.

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testDark chocolate with small bits of dried pear, which adds a subtle and refreshing taste to the chocolate that is quite good. The bar comes in a thin sheet and tastes better cold or frozen.

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made by Ferrero and the quality and taste is as expected, which is is very tasty and does not disappoint. The lime citrus yogurt taste is refreshing and the yogurt combination with the milk chocolate has a unique taste. I have offered this product to many people and most like it.


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Hollow milk chocolate over white chocolate. Cute bunny but too sweet, rough, and does not taste good. Below average for Kinder products.

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Milk chocolate on top of a butter biscuit. Biscuit is fresh and crispy. Nice tasty snack.


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