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Hazelnut cream wafer is very nice and different from the more commom chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry flavors. Taste is fresh, not too sweet, and a great snack.



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Superb milk chocolate with hazelnut bits. This is one of the best milk chocolates I have tasted. The nuts were crunchy and fresh.


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Haselnut and Almond cream ganache encased with Milk chocolate. Average taste, nothing special. The milk chocolate is better than Hershey’s, but just average for Swiss chocolate.

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Soft, creamy candies (more hazelnut than chocolate) individually wrapped in silver foil.  Cost: 24.95 Swiss francs for a 500g box.


Gianduja was my least favorite in this box.  The hazelnut flavor was weak and the chocolate was just OK – nothing special.


Piemontais was just slightly better.  The cocoa was not overly sweet, and it had small pieces of actual hazelnuts, which were not all that tasty.


Marquise was good.  Creamy hazelnut with small sweet crunchy bits, which seem to be… almonds?


Malakoff was good too.  I am liking these small, sweet crunchy bits!


Avelotte was even better!  Smooth, soft hazelnut cream.  Much more hazelnutty than Marquise, in a good way.


Buchette was great too!  I am really liking these sweet crunchy bits.  Great combination of flavors!


Mocca was my favorite.  Wow, can I get a box of just this?  The combination of flavors was perfectly balanced.   Tasting this took me right back to Switzerland.  Ahhh, such quality…


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The fluffy center is fun, but the outer chocolate itself is a bit tame for my tastes.  This has a touch of hazelnut.  Cost: 4.40 CHF for a sale pack of two 100g bars at the Swiss department store chain, Manor.

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This is the house chocolate of the Swiss chain department store Manor. The hazelnuts were stale and soggy. Chocolate was tasteless and flat. Worse than Hershey’s chocolate. It was a complete disappointment at 37 CHF/kg


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General middle class chocolate. Hazelnuts were fine.
Great value for the price at 0.60 CHF for a 100g bar at Denner.


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